Our Journey Towards Sustainability

Dating back to Earth Fair’s inception in 2003, recycling education and source reduction has always been a top priority. Since then, we have moved towards being a more green event by composting and recycling thousands of pounds of what would have otherwise been trash. Our goal is to continue to reduce our waste-to-landfill impact each year.

Earth Fair kicked-it-up a notch in 2014 by piloting our Trash Audit program to help determine material types and quantities generated during Earth Fair. How much waste does a two-day event with 10,000 visitors create? We were preaching source reduction and recycling, but were we walking the walk? Or just talking the talk? The Trash Audit was eye-opening.

In 2015, Earth Fair worked even harder with the creation of an official Green Team. This team is made up of members from the community that have an interest in or expertise in sustainability. Composting and recycling stations were created with volunteers positioned at each to continue to educate vendors and visitors, and we increased the use of signage and handouts. In 2015, Earth Fair generated less trash despite having its largest attendance ever.

That pilot Trash Audit, now known as the Waste Challenge, is successfully led by the Earth Fair Green Team. During each Waste Challenge, Green Team members collect every recycling, compost and cardboard container into a central location to be inventoried, sorted and weighed. This allows the Green Team to analyze education efforts and provide feedback to the Earth Fair Committee.

Our planning committee, Green Team, sponsors, partners, and volunteers work diligently to decrease the total amount of waste produced at Earth Fair and focus on composting and recycling all waste possible. Due to our dedication and efforts – including inspiration and guidance from our Dumpster Diva – there were only a few bags in our massive trash dumpster at the end of the weekend. Years ago, this dumpster would have been a mountain of trash headed straight for the landfill.

We have reduced our trash-to-landfill by 31% from 2014-2015! We are thrilled with that outcome and hope to continue the good work into future years.

Journey Towards Sustainability By The Numbers

In 2017, Earth Fair received the Governor’s Excellence in Recycling Award under the Outstanding Education category at the 3rd annual Governor’s Recycling Summit in East Lansing on May 19, 2017.

Earth Fair sells only 100% organic cotton t-shirts. By doing so, they divert up to three pounds of pesticides it could take to make a single cotton t-shirt and reduce microplastics that are shed from synthetic materials and fibers.

Earth Fair provides free public transportation shuttle to reduce their carbon footprint.

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  2014 Trash Audit Report
  2015 Trash Audit Report


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