The St. Clair County Environmental Education Network was developed in May 2002, and consists of county and local agencies, individuals, and nonprofit groups committed to environmental education in St. Clair County. Our main function is to produce the annual Earth Fair event.

What originally began as the St. Clair County Environmental Education Network to produce the annual Earth Fair event has now formally become a non-profit organization. St. Clair County Earth Fair received its 501c3 status August, 2014. Our board is committed to environmental education in St. Clair County and meets throughout the year to share education resources and collaborate on ways to improve environmental education opportunities in St. Clair County.

Our first Earth Fair was held in 2003. That first year was attended by no more than a handful of visitors and eight vendors barely taking up space in one building at Goodells County Park. Today, we are bursting at the seams having grown to thousands of visitors and over 70 vendors spread across six buildings. More than just a passing fad, Earth Fair has become a destination and is quickly growing to be one of Michigan’s largest and liveliest Earth Day celebrations!

Since Earth Fair’s inception, it has been held in conjunction with the St. Clair Conservation District’s annual spring tree sale. In fact, it was because of the Conservation District’s popular tree sale that Earth Fair was created. Their tree sale attracted quite an audience and we wanted to capitalize on that. Over the years, a mutual partnership has grown that benefits both organizations.

We are always looking for passionate individuals with new, fresh ideas. Please let us know if you’d like to join us in our efforts!

Contact Us

Information about Earth Fair:

Sarah Davidson-Nelson

Pine River Nature Center
2585 Castor Rd.
Goodells, MI 48032

Information about the spring tree sale:

Blue Water Conservation District
2830 Wadhams Road
Kimball, MI 48074
810-983-3001 x5

Information about Goodells County Park:

Dennis Delor

St. Clair County Parks and Recreation
8254 County Park Drive
Goodells, MI 48027

Information about supporting the
Painted Trillium in St. Clair County:

Michigan Nature Association
326 E. Grand River Ave
Williamston, MI 48895

Painted Trillium

Have you noticed this beautiful flower? That is the state endangered painted trillium (Trillium undulatum). Only seven occurrences in Michigan have been verified since 1980, all of which are located within a 30 square-mile area in St. Clair County. Of the seven populations verified, two are protected in properties owned by the Michigan Nature Association and three others are located in the Port Huron State Game Area. Outside these sanctuaries, the painted trillium is threatened by habitat destruction from rapidly increasing development pressure. By highlighting the flower, we hope to bring attention to and raise awareness for the protection of lands where this delicate flower grows. It is worth noting that all species of Trillium are protected by state law and that picking flowers or leaves often results in the death of the whole plant.