Calling all Green Guardians

There’s no other environmental award like this in the Blue Water Area! Earth Fair's annual Green Guardian Award is a special, prestigious honor bestowed upon those community members who are taking action to improve, protect, or restore our environment. Earth Fair recognizes and celebrates these individuals, groups, businesses and schools who are the real "Green Guardians" of our planet. In addition to formal recognition on stage at Earth Fair, winners from each of the following categories receive a financial gift to support their inspiring work.

Individual $250   |   Business $500   |   Group $500   |   School $1,000

Do you know an individual, business, group, school, or classroom doing great things for our environment in the Blue Water Area? Are they a true Green Guardian? If you think so, we want to know about it! Nominations for Green Guardian Awards are easy and take only a moment to complete. Self-nomination is encouraged. Nominations are due by March 15 of each year.

Online Nomination Form

Download and Print Nomination Form

Description of Achievement

In no more than 500 words, describe why the nominee deserves to win the Green Guardian Award for the selected category. The description should include the nominee’s efforts and achievements, describe the actions of the nominee, and how their initiatives and/or efforts enhanced, preserved, restored and/or protected the environment. Photos and supporting materials are encouraged and may be attached.


  • Self-nomination is encouraged
  • Nominees must reside in St. Clair County
  • Only one recipient from each category will be selected
  • Nominations forms are reviewed by the Earth Fair Committee
  • Nominators will be notified in early April if their nominee was selected
  • Winners will be presented with their award on the Earth Fair Main Stage on Saturday
  • Questions? Contact

Award Categories

Business - recognizes businesses in St. Clair County for demonstrating dedication to environmental leadership and issues. Nominated businesses should be involved in promoting sustainability in the workplace or community, raising awareness of environmental issues with staff or customers, and/or reducing the business’ impact on the environment.

Individual - recognizes a resident or family of St. Clair County for their commitment to the environment. Examples of award criteria may include: reducing consumption of non-renewable resources, recycling leadership, increasing home efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, cleaning up an outdoor area, opting for local/sustainable food choices, and following natural lawn and gardening practices.

Group - recognizes the environmental contributions that a group has made resulting in increased environmental awareness of environmental issues. A group may be youth or adult service clubs, scouts, church, community group, social clubs, neighborhood, or 4-H group.

School/Classroom - recognizes a K-12 classroom or school involved in environmental initiatives that have resulted in a cleaner, greener property or neighborhood. Examples of initiatives could include waste reduction and recycling, energy conservation, fundraisers, specific school or classroom projects, and public education.

Award Winners


  • Individual: Suzanne Gauvreau
  • Individual: Jeanne Mackay
  • School: Middle School Innovation Academy
  • Business: Fort Gratiot Township


  • Individual: John Fody
  • Individual: Bill Atkinson
  • School: Nicole DeGowske's 5th Grade Class, Algonquin Elementary
  • Group:St. Clair County Trailblazers


  • Business: Lavender Creek Farm, LLC
  • Individual: Don Strauss
  • Individual: Mike Schuler
  • School: Lee Elementary Green Club
  • School: Memphis Elementary School Makerspace/STEAM Lab


  • Individual: Kay Cumbow
  • Group: Memphis Lions Club
  • Non-Profit: Community Enterprises of St. Clair County
  • Business: Kate’s Downtown and The Boathouse by Kate Voss
  • School: Woodland Developmental School - Michelle Ebmeyer’s Classroom


  • Group: Blue Water Audubon Society
  • Business: Blue Water Area Transit
  • School: Gardens Elementary, Marysville


  • Individual: Bob Hunckler
  • Group: St. Clair County Road Commission
  • Business: U.S. Farathane, Port Huron
  • School: Woodland Developmental School - Classroom 216